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What is Link Building?

What is Link Building?


Link building has grown from a tiny aspect of SEO to a critical factor for any site trying to rank high on search engines. What is link building anyway?

Link building is the process of building and developing relationships with other websites in order to get them to link to your website. Since businesses and websites are run by people, the focus is on building meaningful relationships with other website owners so that way when you actually ask for the link, they will gladly offer it to you.

What are the Benefits of Link Building?

Link building has a plethora of benefits.

Firstly, it grants you higher value to search engines who view all the links to your site as a sign of authority. This also makes sense in the real world as the fact that businesses are willing to link to you means that you have some authority in what you are doing.

Second of all, when another website links to your website, there’s a chance that some of the audience from that website will click on your link and through this method you will gain more organic traffic. This is especially true for high traffic sites, which is why sites with high traffic are usually in demand from link builders. If you want to become a link magnet you simply work on building the traffic that goes through your website.

Third of all, even if your website doesn’t start ranking higher on search engines immediately, people will notice various sites linking to your website giving you credibility. People trust businesses who other people trust. It’s socially wired into us. Link building is social proof but in the virtual world.


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